Fly Me to the Supermoon ... Or at Least Get My Files on the Cloud

Fly Me to the Supermoon

After my recent bout with a dead computer and the freak-out which inevitably ensued as I tried to remember the last time I did a back-up of my computer files (Do I have that 10-page white paper I JUST FINISHED backed up? What about those cute pictures of the kids I took this weekend? Those 72 article ideas I've had over the years and am just waiting for the perfect publication to pitch?), I have some advice.

Back your stuff up. Today. Seriously, do not put this off until later - you will thank me. Do these two things:

Go to Dropbox and back up all your document files to The Cloud. You get a certain number of gigs for free, and if I can upload all my documents without a fee I am certain you can, too. It's completely secure, easy to sign up, and easy to access. In fact, it automatically backs up your files, so once you've signed up ... you don't have to think about it again.

Next, bounce over to Picasa, upload all your photos, and select the "sync to the web" option. You can mark your photos private, so that creepy neighbor can't see your pics from the kids' dance recital unless you invite him to do so. And I recommend you don't.

Now, go do those two things quick.

Don't you feel better already? Yeah, me too.

XO - Amy Mac


Janna Qualman said...

I'm new to Dropbox, but it's great. My writer buddies and I will randomly remind each other to "backup!" :)

Amy Mac said...

Janna, that is a great idea ... I need a reminder buddy, too. I wish I could find a reminder buddy to remind me to do stuff like laundry and balancing my checkbook, too.....really, I just wish I could find someone to do that for me.:-)