I Could Really Use a Wish Right Now

sunrise sunrise

Wow. The last couple of months have been something else. This email I sent to a relative in Seattle sums it up:

Sorry it took so long to respond. Generally I loathe excuses, but feel it would be appropriate for me to recap:

Since Feb. 1, 2011:

Hadley has tested positive for strep throat five times, Callie twice.

Hadley has had mono for the last 6 or so weeks. She's missed 30 days of school this year, and has only been cleared to attend 1/2 days the last three weeks.

My dog died.

I keep throwing food on the floor, then having to pick it back up. (See above.)

I have had a sinus infection (and bronchitis, though that got better about a week ago) since Feb. 12. Am currently on my third antibiotic, which is nearly 1000 mg and I will take for 20 days. I hope it doesn't make my skin fall off or make my intestines fall out.

Out of the last 6 weeks, Jake has either been out of town on business or working on a major product roll-out (ie, at work early, back home late) for four of those weeks.

Do they still make Calgon? Because I need something to come take my a#% away.

Everyone has those days - or months - where they are just looking for the sunset. Because the sun will come out ... well, y'all know the words.

Make me feel better. Give me a recap of your day, week, month from H-E-double-hockey-sticks.
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Anonymous said...

I found out that my husband was running around with a beautician with fake red hair, drawn-on eyebrows and green eye shadow. Making him an ex-husband was easy, but how do I get past that green eye shadow?? I HAVE standards!! He could at least have been more thoughtful about who he cheated with! I still have nightmares....

Jane said...

We had a week in February where I knew 4 people that died; a good friend, my uncle, my great uncle, and a friend's husband. I told my husband to stop answering the phone. We only attended the local funeral for our dear friend. Or the travel would have added a whole other level of a migraine.

Dabay said...

I am so sorry to hear about your crappy February. I hope things are looking up...

I would love if we could follow each other, spring fling buddy! :)


Amy Mac said...

See? I knew y'all would have had bad weeks/months, too, and while I am NOT happy about your bad spells ... well, seeing as how y'all seem to be alive and well is helping me use fewer antibacterial wipes and threaten to wash my children in hot water and bleach fewer times each day. They would like to thank you.