What do you mean this isn't covered under my warranty?

amy mac hemingway steinbeck
You know when you're working on a big project, something you are super-excited about, you've got major momentum, you're getting ready for the big debut, then....

the little wire that connects the adapter jack to your computer snaps in two and you can no longer charge your computer, thus must leave your computer with some rather suspect-looking computer technicians and can no longer access half the things you need because your last back up failed? You know that feeling? No?

Well, suffice it to say I am currently working on my daughter's teeny, tiny notebook computer which is causing finger cramps and potential blindness. And as soon as I get my computer back I will be getting that back up plan that sucks everything off your computer into that magical back up plan in the vast internet universe.

Until then, this is one of the few photos from that project I managed to upload pre-computer-wire-thingy-disaster.

Stay tuned....

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