If it's a problem a new purse can't solve, then it probably isn't my problem
So this is sorta funny .... I'm chatting the other night with one of my dearest friends who lives in Tennessee. We've known each other since kindergarten, were college roomies, in one another's weddings, and generally have a catch-up session at least once a month. We chatted this week and I said "we've not talked in forever!" She says "yes, we have. Or maybe I've just been reading your blog and thinking I was talking to you." APK, I'll have to ask that you at least add comments so I know we're catching up.

Congrats to Paula H.  ... you win the cute purse! A big huge hug and THANK YOU to all my subscribers. Y'all are a bright spot in my day.

Who's ready for Spring? I am!

XOXO- Amy Mac

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