Eagle Eye Editor

In the past, I’ve proclaimed the importance of editing your work. Attention to detail is paramount, I said. Don’t allow careless errors to cause your readers to doubt your abilities.

I generally do a pretty good job of catching my own mistakes, but occasionally they slip past me. (I’ve already corrected it, so don’t try to find it.)

A recent boo-boo was brought to my attention by my mother. We had a brief discussion about how one can review one’s own writing a million times and skip right past an obvious mistake and how helpful it is to have someone read behind you that isn’t as familiar with the document.
Which got me thinking, my mom has a little extra time on her hands, so instead of posting in a giant rush (the usual protocol), I’ll first send the article to her for her review.

After all, my mom still has 20/20 vision, whereas I have worn glasses since third grade.

Seems to me she’s in a better position to eagle-eye these blog posts than I. What do you think, mom? Are you ready for your first post-retirement “job?”

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