The Long Shoe Line

If you are wondering if summer has truly begun, there are a few signs to help you solve this ongoing mystery.

Have you paid your respects and said thanks to the military men and women in your life in celebration of Memorial Day?

Is there a faint smell of chlorine wherever you go, but you can’t quite figure out exactly where it’s coming from (maybe it’s that towel drying on the rack? Maybe it’s in her hair?) What about the sunscreen residue that can be located anywhere from the kitchen floor to the seats in your car? Or the shaved ice machine that languishes on the countertop for frequent use?

I remember seeing an article in my husband’s Checkpoints (the U.S. Air Force Academy magazine) about the “Long Blue Line,” referencing the men and women wearing the blue Air Force uniforms. Around here, you can confirm it’s summer when you see our Long Shoe Line. May it only be broken to head to the pool.

Happy Memorial Day!

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