The Key to Happiness

When we’re not at the pool, a favorite activity for the girls is arts and crafts – painting, designing, and coloring their worlds with dreams and goals and pleasant thoughts.

My nine-year-old is a budding writer, and her current mission is to develop a magazine. As you can see, she’s mocked up a cover with articles about pressing issues including “Geek or Not – Figure it Out,” “Are You Looking for a Popular Summer Sport?” and “Is Your Makeup All Right?” Ever the detailed entrepreneur, she’s held space for advertising, and will no doubt hit up relatives in the coming months to support her current endeavor with cold, hard cash. Maybe she’ll give me a job some day when she’s the editor of one of the big, fancy glossies in NYC.
With big, broad strokes, my seven-year-old has painted the keys to happiness, in no particular order: sunshine, smiles, peace, love, and chocolate ice cream cones with a cherry on top. After a long day at the pool, peace brought on like only sunshine and lots of time outdoors can bring, smiles, hugs and some soft-serve ice cream (minus the cherry, but we’re not too picky), I have to say she’s got it right. There ya go, I just saved you $25 on the latest, greatest self-help book. Remember, you read it here at the Amy Mac blog!

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Rebecka said...

When I saw the title, I was definitely interested to see the keys to happiness from the mind of a child. Gosh, adults sure to make it complicated, and I agree - I think she got it right. Smart girl.