Can You See Me?

I don’t see well. I wear contacts and all, but aside from the fact that my eyeballs are purely decoration without assistance from my optometrist, sometimes I am super-focused on my task or destination, and even if I see something – I could be looking right through it.

Often when I am running, I’ll hear loud honking, and arms will be flapping out of rolled-down windows, sometimes even accompanied by a “Hey, Amy!!” as the car speeds by. Dear neighborhood friends, I have an alert: I can’t see you. Your windows are dark, and frankly, everyone looks the same when travelling at the speed of light down windy roads (watch out for that speed trap!)

However, I might know who you are if I recognize your car, you slow down a little, and maybe if say your name.

It’s the same with branding.

In this crazy world we live in, advertising and other marketing messages come whizzing by a mile a minute. Take a day and count them: how many postcards in the mail, billboards on the highway, commercials on the show you forgot to Tivo, radio spots, etc., etc. cross your path? Now, which ones do you really remember?

See my point?

You must brand your product well, in a way that is easy for today’s savvy consumer to grasp quickly, and the resistant consumer to see how your product makes their life better.
If you did your homework from the last post, you have a good idea about what sets you apart from your competition. It’s time to take that information and develop it into a great brand – something your customer will always recognize and value.

Tell me who you are. –AMD

Who are you? Who, who, who, who? --Pete Townshend

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