I Love Me A Screenshot

Y'all, how did I live life before the screenshot? So much can be accomplished by capturing a photo of whatever you're looking at on your phone. For example, here's a curiosity I found just this morning:
One would think having the red "explicit material" symbol would eliminate certain podcasts from being categorized under "Kids & Family Favorites," but apparently not!! Kudos to you Apple for thinking out of the box on this one. I suggest renaming this category "Where Kids Learn to Cuss, If You Like That Sort of Thing." Ya know, for flair.

Love these teaching moments!

Last week, I was served boobs for lunch. Not even kidding, this is precisely how my chicken salad/pimento cheese combo was served, olive placement and all. How could the kitchen staff have known this is exactly the sort of thing that will continue to amuse me for years to come? They couldn't have, so this was probably some sort of divine lunch delivery. Tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor, and I will show you a picture of my boob lunch.

This prize gal is my college BFF's daughter. During our recent visit to Nashville, without any sort of preamble or scene set-up, she hit the floor with this contraption attached, striking this position like a pint-size Liza Minnelli nailing her final pose in "All That Jazz." And to equal effect. Shortly after this photo was taken, this youngster also announced (with much jubilation) that her unicorn had arrived via UPS. This is a direct quote. And no, I'm sad to say, they won't rent her (the kid nor the unicorn) out for parties.

My teenage daughter has a car with a sunroof. Not a little sunroof, mind, one that pretty much takes away the entire top of the car. There was a monsoon here overnight Wednesday. The Google search prior to the one above was "shop vac." And just like Forrest Gump, "that's all I have to say about that."

Happy Weekend! XOXO—

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