Pumpkin Spice Trail Mix

Pumpkin Spice Trail Mix with Chex
Hi friends —

I made some Pumpkin Spice Trail Mix this weekend, and since the recipe has been requested a few times I thought I'd share here too, thus saving myself the trauma of trying to remember where I saved the recipe on my computer and then having to remember to send it to multiple people. I feel sorry for all of us collectively when I think back to the olden days (aka 10 years ago) when we had to hand-write recipes on world-worn and dripped upon index cards. Savage.

Before we get started, this is my official reminder that I'm very much a from-the-hip cook, as stated here and here, which means I'll do my very best to give you measurements and such but you are entering into this endeavor at your own risk. I encourage you to adjust the recipe according to your personal preferences. So, if you like things to be a little less sweet, by all means use less sugar, or less butter, or whatever it takes to make you happy!

For the spice mixture:
1 stick butter
1/2 C. brown sugar
1 TBS. pumpkin pie spice
Pinch of nutmeg

For the trail part of this mix:
3 cups plain Chex cereal
2 cups cinnamon Chex cereal
1 - 2 C. pretzels
1/2 C. granola
1/2 C. dried cranberries
1/4 C. walnuts

Melt the butter in the microwave, then stir in the brown sugar and other spices. Put all the cereal, pretzels and granola in a large mixing bowl, dump the butter mixture on top and stir until evenly distributed. Spread evenly onto a non-stick baking sheet. Bake in an oven pre-heated to 325 degrees for 15 minutes, stir, then bake for 15 more minutes or until crunchy. Let cool completely, then stir in cranberries, nuts, and candy corns and pumpkin marshmallow candies (if you're feeling particularly festive.)

Switch the ingredients for the trail part with whatever you like ... if you prefer a different dried fruit or like almonds better than walnuts or whatever. If you don't use the cinnamon cereal, I recommend adding 1/2 tsp. to the spice mixture.

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