Today, Pre-Sunrise

Howdy, hello. Coming to you here at 5:45 a.m. on a Saturday! A big shoutout to my husband who has taken the morning shift for years, because he's much more of a morning person than I. (That's a huge understatement.) This mainly means he threatens violence less often in the early morning hours if someone speaks to him, and that he can fall right back to sleep no matter what he's been dealing with: vomiting dogs, screeching babies, early morning smoke detector alerts to change the batteries. Etc. Me, not so much. I wake up, fire off dirty looks, and mostly refuse to deal with any sort of catastrophe unless flames are crawling up my legs. But once I've had some coffee it's all good in the suburban hood.

But seriously, I cannot imagine anything less cheerful than awakening this early to attend a cheer competition of all things. Except I'm so grateful little sister's knee has healed up so she CAN participate in today's competition. So I'm pretty sure once I've had 3 cups of coffee I will be SUPER cheerful! Go Raiders!

In other news, Herschel Walker is the nicest guy ever. Read my article about him here.

What are you cheerful about this weekend?



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