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I snapped this photo this summer in Square Books in Oxford, Miss., just down the lane from Faulkner's Rowan Oaks. Can we agree this is the best use of a post-it note to date?

Has anyone else ever faced the problem that if something isn't right in your face, demanding to be done (generally falling under the category of deadline, hungry, sleepy, barking, whining, reminding incessantly, stinking, annoying or aflame) that it very likely won't get done?  Please say yes.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I get lots of other important things done other than feeding my family, hitting work deadlines and letting dogs outside to conduct important business. But there are many, many delightful tasks upon which I would like to focus a modicum of my time and energy that fall to the wayside simply because they aren't in my face demanding attention.

Then, heaven forbid if you throw a little obstacle in the path. Welcome to Never-Never Land little fun task! We hope you love it here, because we hear the wait time can be quite long! Try not to get lost or forgotten ... good luck with that.

And so it has been with my dear blog. I love it here! I love writing, maybe snapping a picture or two, dog-earring a fun something to share or jotting down a writing or business tip for a future post. But my client work has been full-throttle the last 6 months (which is fantastic!), my kiddos have remained their non-stop, non-driving school/sports/social selves (also fantastic!) and I have had a brain block.

No, really. Every time I'd think "I'll make time to blog today" I'd start worrying about what to write. Should I do a business-focused post? A writing post? A humor post for those needing a giggle? Or a general purpose, yammering life/parenting post? Then I'd worry that some folks would be all "eh" because they were hoping for one thing and received another, sort of like when you are hoping for a nice steak dinner and they serve you tilapia instead. I mean, the tilapia is fine ... it's just not steak. So then I'd put off writing. And put it off again. And again.

Until today, when I decided to take a seat and write. About whatever. Which today turns out to be essentially about procrastination. The next post could be about writing a better email, or Deez Nuts, or the fact that I'm certain prayer increases ten-fold -- even by non-believers -- if you're trapped inside a vehicle with a 15-year-old behind the wheel. I think the perfect theme word for riding with learning drivers is "clinch," and frankly it applies to every part of your body.

Anywho, I hope you'll stick around ... and that we all enjoy the clinch-free ride.


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