That's Why You Shouldn't Believe Everything You See on Facebook

This morning at breakfast, my husband countered my announcement that Olympian Oscar Pistorius is in trouble with the law with an announcement that Waylon Jennings had died.

"That's weird. There was nothing on my news feed this morning. You'd think that would be there," I said.

"Well, it said 'RIP Waylon Jennings' and had a birth date and yesterday's date, so ..." he said.

"Don't people have any respect for old-school country music?" (I should point out that neither of us even listen to country music, but it's the principle.)

Then he started singing the theme song from the Dukes of Hazzard and we were all distracted by telling him to PLEASE STOP SINGING. Later I did an internet search and discovered Waylon Jennings DID die ... in 2002.

This shows how much we are paying attention. AND, it proves there are people out there so dedicated to Waylon they remember for ELEVEN YEARS the day he died. Which it's too bad Waylon's not still here, because I bet he would have totally loved Duck Dynasty.

RIP, Waylon.


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