Owl Would You Like Some Coffee?

Ah, February. Sometimes you just wear me out with the rain, and the cold, and the way you trick the weather professionals into thinking it will be a sunny afternoon and then MWHAHAHAHA you twist your mustache and it stays wet and cold.

So today, instead of playing tennis as I'd planned, I'm stuck inside with my friend the owl, the host of a piping hot latte for moi.

Which in retrospect is probably a good thing, since I've been playing Carnival Cruise director (except without the electrical fire and raw sewage - watch a hilarious SNL skit here) since the kids were out of school for two days and I got essentially zero work done, but did manage to host multiple slumber parties and go to mall several times.

As much as I like to have a plan and stick to it, I must grudgingly admit most of the time I end up spending time exactly where I need to spend it most.

Yesterday, with my kids. Today, with my work. Tomorrow (hopefully), with my serve.

That is, if February will concede. Or at least pretend to be March.


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