Southern Storytellers

jake telling funny stories
Southerners are hardwired to tell a good story. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they are sad, sometimes nostalgic, sometimes cautionary ... but be forewarned, you can ask a Southerner about something as simple as the weather and you will get a full-blown novella in return.

Some of my favorite times are when Jake tells a story at dinner and the girls are literally breathless with laughter, tears rolling down their faces, sides stitching from the sheer exertion of happiness.

Let the record state, that in late January, 2013, the two girls pictured above, the ones who have placed all manner of restrictions on his behavior to reduce their chances of being embarrassed by said behavior, were absolutely begging the man to keep telling funny stories.

They stalled at the dinner table, content to be with one another, and with us, well past when the dishes were were washed and put away.

That, my friends, is the happiest story of all.

Happy Weekend!

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