Cincinnati-Style Chili and the Southern Girl

There are many things I love about the South, and one of them is Autumn. I love the shock of red and orange leaves against the backdrop of the vibrant, cornflower blue sky. I love the crisp air against my face, the smell of bonfires for roasting marshmallows and warming toes, and heaven help me, I love a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks. Low-fat milk, light on the whipped cream.

But my fave-o-rite way to wave my "It's Fall Y'all" flag? Chili. Make it up any way you want: Red with Beef and Beans, White Chicken, Chunky with Beef Tips. I love 'um all. One of my favorite kinds of chili, however, is one I learned about while living above the Mason Dixon line ... Cincinnati-style Chili. 

If you've never had this delectable dish, let me tell you ... it is glorious. First, you pile a load of spaghetti noodles on your plate, then you put the Cincinnati chili concoction on top of the noodles (it has cocoa, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper in there -- I'm not even kidding) THEN YOU LOAD IT UP WITH AN ENORMOUS PILE OF SHREDDED CHEDDAR CHEESE. 

It's obviously a low-cal, low-fat choice. 

It's so good it is totally worth the indulgence. If you're ever in the Cincinnati area, fire into Skyline and order a 3-way (with noodles, chili & cheddar), a 4-way (like the 3, plus beans or onion) or a 5-way (with beans & onion.) 

Tell me: what's your hometown's famous dish? 

Mine (Memphis) is known for barbecue and ribs. Next time you visit, hit Corky's on Poplar Avenue for a BBQ sandwich, the Rendezvous for some dry-rub ribs and the Germantown Commissary for any and all of the above, plus banana pudding. 

I'm starving.


Source: via Amanda on Pinterest


Amy Blair said...

Well, I'm from Cookeville, TN; and one of our claims to fame is DONUTS. Particularly, Ralph's Donuts which is open 24/7 and has THE best donuts in the world, especially at about 1:30 in the morning when you've got a really bad sweet tooth!

Amy Mac said...

I didn't know you are from Cookeville! My best friend's hubby is from there. Sam Huddleston...perhaps you know him? Anywho, I am totally sad I didn't know about Ralph's when I made the regular I-40 trip from Knoxville to Memphis and back again. Actually, probably a good thing I didn't know.It also sounds like a low-cal, low-fat choice :-)