Just May Feel Like Singing Autumn Song

I love Autumn. Everything about it makes me happy– the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg, the nip in the air, the glorious colors of the changing leaves, fall festivals, carving pumpkins, red and gold mums placed carefully around the front porch and the back deck.

So yesterday when I needed a light jacket while playing tennis (on the first day of Sept. in Atlanta, trust me – that’s unusual) I realized it was time to pack away summer things and prepare to usher in the sights and smells of fall.

Which meant coming straight home and lighting every single summer-smelling candle that I own. Out with the “Bob’s Flower Shoppe” and in with the “Pumpkin Spice.” I spent much of my afternoon shouting out warnings – “Don’t get too close to that candle!”

I am a big believer in every season having its’ own distinct “environment.” I do not like to see bathing suit displays in January (unless of course I am packing for a tropical vacation.) Heart-shaped cookies in October take away from such confections in February. Christmas music in July is akin to wearing your clothes backwards – you can do it, but it just isn’t right.

So whether you create wonderful jewelry, concoct art-museum-quality pottery, or just endeavor to create a certain atmosphere in your home … now is the time to decide how to use the season to your advantage.

With college football kicking-off this weekend, Halloween around the corner, and Thanksgiving and Christmas just beyond … opportunities abound for small business owners. I’m thinking of using the “It’s a Treat to Work With You!” theme and sending an assortment of candies to potential and current clients.

The trick will be to package the treats and get them out the door before they are gobbled up by the turkeys at my house!

As we like to say south of the Mason-Dixon line … Happy Fall, Y’all!


Gena said...

Lovely post! I too love the changes that reflect in nature and therefore in us and our respective space(s) ..... I started taking seasonal photos in celebration of each season (at this stage they are on facebook, here's the link to the autumn collection: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=20187&id=1133416876&l=2a4bc08256
we are currently in Spring in the Southern hemisphere, so am enjoying that currently...

Amy Mac said...

Gena-Your pictures are beautiful! The next time I do a nature post, I'll get you to send me a photo first:) - Amy

Kelley said...

wow - fun to find your blog and read through it - you make me laugh - keep up the fun!