Only the Good Die Young (be more specific, Mr. Joel)

jonathan adler
An update, by the numbers:
  • Number of days in school to date for 2012-13 school year: 16
  • Number of children who have had strep since first day of school: 2
  • Total number of children in this house: 2
  • Number of times one of my children gave a "WHOOP!" of glee when the pediatrician announced the strep test was positive, then argued they needed a new way to describe a strep diagnosis:1
  • Number of times I have declined the prognosis of strep and asked for something more pedestrian, like a virus or head cold: 2
  • Number times pediatrician has laughed nervously at me: 2
  • Number of times I've watched Twilight with a sick kid and shouted at Rob Pattinson to "watch out for that grouchy-looking girl! She will BREAK YOUR HEART": 1
  • Number of times we must clean up dog puke before we realize these lollipop rawhides do not agree with our dogs: at least 6, apparently
  • Number of times I've said something snarky about Snooki: 127
  • Number of football games watched on TV this weekend: 14
  • Number of football games attended this weekend: 1
  • Number of times I heard about the strengths and weaknesses of Tennessee's offense, defense and special teams: countless
  • Level of personal comprehension regarding what Tennessee's secondary needs to BE doing versus what they ARE doing: less than zero. 
  • Number of sorority recommendations written for rush: 2
  • Number of times I was given directions by the manager at my new favorite shop in Atlanta to a restaurant with the instruction: "turn right at the giant mariachi skeleton": just once
  • Number of delicious meals I consumed at said restaurant: 1, but my friends said theirs was pretty yummy, too.
  • Number of engagements of a niece: 1
  • Number of people thrilled about said engagement because she and the fiance are perfect for each other: a bazillion
  • Articles due in next 10 days: 3
  • Articles started: 1
  • Number of weddings attending in next two weekends: 2 
  • Number of plane rides upcoming: 2
  • Amount of Valium/hard liquor planned for plane rides: 0
  • Number of people in this household preparing to participate in an Ironman this week: 1. 
  • Number of people proud of Ironman participant: lots and lots, but 3 in particular. 
  • Number of times the Ironman has reminded me he's still in his 30s: 179.
  • Number of scathingly dirty looks pointed towards "still in his thirties" Ironman: a bunch
  • Number of 40th birthdays: 1
  • Number of times I've thought about that Billy Joel song "Only the Good Die Young" and wondered if I were killed in a fiery crash tomorrow, would I still fall under the umbrella of this song (ie, dead, but young & good): 8
  • Realization that these are the sorts of wacky thoughts that drive people to use Valium: just once, just now.
  • Amount of personal appreciation for every single day, strep, dog puke and all: infinite.

What have y'all been up to? Do tell!


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Mallory Woodard said...

Number of engaged nieces who DID get choked up at reading the "perfect for each other" comment: 1 (still a little emotional from all the excitement... Don't judge me)

Number of engaged nieces who think that if you died tomorrow, you would ABSOLUTELY be considered young and good: 1 (although, I'd suggest highly against putting yourself in any situation where death could be the outcome, i.e. base jumping, sky diving, competing in an ironman without the proper training, because I couldn't imagine my wedding without you there)