What's the Plan, Phil?

Cam & Mitchell Modern Family
Seems someone is always asking me a question about naming a business, promoting a product, connecting with an audience, or sharpening their resume (questions I am always happy to answer).

A recent query was whether I thought a children's book of certain topic was a good idea. My answer always hinges on one thing: clearly defining what need your book/resume/gourmet food product/children's boutique fills. 

You must:
1. Research what products similar to yours already exist in the marketplace
2. Determine what makes yours really, truly unique and
3. Ask yourself if anyone will care, and if they will care ... why?

Seems harsh, but if you can't get very clear on why your gourmet olive oil is better than what I can buy cheaper at Publix, why your set of skills puts you head and shoulders above other candidates, why your book will fly off shelves or how your boutique will be the best place to buy the perfect birthday outfit for your baby, how will you convince your customer?

In a recent episode of Modern Family (funniest show ever -- "What's the Plan, Phil?" is a quote from one of my favorite episodes), Cam decides to write a children's picture book about adopting a baby from a foreign country, only to hit the bookstore and discover it's already been done. Lots. Does that mean Cam should give up on his idea? Nope, but he should definitely take a cold, hard look at what makes his book unique and make that his featured selling point. 

Now, Modern Family has a one-hour premier coming up on Sept. 21 -- if you aren't already watching, here's your chance. 

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XO- Amy Mac

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