The Meaning of Love

Meaning of Love

Howdy, folks. We are in the midst of the Back to School swirl around here, which means the always-interesting juggling act of squeezing in article writing between carting people to school, swim, tennis and whatnot. How about you? Anything fun planned for Labor Day weekend? 

So, just a quick note to say .... I'm very excited that (a delightful parenting blog named one of Time Magazine's Top Blogs) published my Back to School Supply List for Parents. So I popped over, and much to my horror, there is a popularity contest for most-commented stories. AND I AM NOT WINNING. Now, even though I tell my girls all the time the popular kids in elementary and middle school peak and fizzle out like a flat Dr. Pepper by 10th grade, I WANT TO BE POPULAR ON BABBLE, AND YOU MUST HELP. Please, go there right now and say something nice, and I will send you a pack of stickers or something. Maybe I will send you a puppy! 

Also, I'm submitting a column for a writing contest for Real Simple magazine. The focus is "The Meaning of Love," and I've got a pretty good idea of what I'm going to write ... but I'm curious, how do you define love? (The idea has crossed my mind just to submit the above picture of the new puppies, because you must admit they are pretty sweet - while they are sleeping - , but I'm thinking "writing" contest means they'll be rather particular about there being actual words on the page.)

Okay, have you commented yet? No pressure. 

XOXO - Amy Mac


Jane said...

Love is when your hubby leaves the last Diet Coke for you cause he knows the monster that can appear when you don't have one at lunch.

Amy Mac said...

Good one, Jane! I have been known to hide the last Diet Dr. Pepper before ....