I Do Not Work for the CIA. Mostly Because I Will Tell You Things, Then Won't Kill You Because You're So Sweet.

Serve Yourself
Does this mean we should present ourselves to the refreshments to see if they find us appetizing? 

I apologize for the poor quality of this picture. I was trying to take a quick photo without being noticed (as of this date the CIA is not seeking my services as an undercover operative -- though when they hear how proficiently I scan restaurants, movie theaters, okay ... maybe everywhere, for suspect behavior, that could change). Anywho, this picture helps me make an important point.

You see, many of the emails I receive end with "I hope I've not made a grammatical error!" or "I am sure I've made a spelling mistake!" or some variation of "please, writer, do not judge me."

Here's the deal: I don't notice. You can send me an email full of spelling errors and grammatical missteps and it won't even hit my radar. Honestly. Half the time I post to this blog I hit send before I even do a quick once-over.

Here's where I get a bit picky: if you are going to go to the expense of printing and installing a sign in a public area, let's take a moment to proof the sign. If you are the person typing the ticker on the news, or an English professor, or the proof reader at the printer ... have someone read behind you, because if you don't know the difference between lightning and lightening, that hits my radar. 

The rest of y'all: free pass. Email away. No stress. Because just last week my eagle-eye niece texted to say I'd failed to close quotation marks on this very blog. 

At least I didn't have it printed on a sign. 

I will keep y'all posted on my potential employment with the CIA. Wait, I take that back. I am pretty sure I cannot tell you if I work for the CIA. Maybe I already do. You'll never know. 

Happy Weekend!

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