This is the Real Situation, and He Cannot Be Bought

The Real Situation
This is Watson "The Real Situation" Dawson, and he will wear whatever he pleases, thank you very much.

So Abercrombie & Fitch, the store that stuns you into an olfactory stupor wherever you are in the mall by requiring their employees mop the floors with a bucket of their undiluted cologne, has requested that The Situation from MTV's Jersey Shore stop wearing their clothing as it misrepresents their brand. Basically, they think he's tacky.

This is exquisite in so many ways. According to A&F's "Brand Senses" department (seriously, I could not make that up) "this association is contrary to the aspirational nature of our brand."

Quite interesting from a company which produces shorts SO SHORT that when my daughters tried them on I had to assume an assault was underway. Seriously, when I have to ask "don't those HURT?," the shorts are too short. They also produce an entire line of clothing called "Perfect Butt." And padded bikini tops for seven-year-olds.

Hey A&F - my kids are right in your target demographic, but I'm wondering ... could you pay them to NOT wear your clothing?


Jane said...

Oh my goodness, Watson is adorable. And Hey A&F, I want money for my kids NOT wearing your clothes either, or bathing in your cologne.

Jane said...

You reminded me of a battle I am having with another store, Victoria's Secret. While I'm sure my husband doesn't mind their catalog coming to my house, hiding the almost nude women from my 4 daughters is getting old. You would think my 2nd or even 3rd request of removing us from their mailing list would've been accepted. Until then, I guess I will be the one getting the mail and tossing out the border-line pornography that keeps arriving.

Amy Mac said...

Jane, we should talk. A couple of years ago I had to dodge the question "Mom, what does getting stoned mean?" at 7:30 am. Not enough coffee in the world for that one. So, thanks Q100 and John Mayer!