It Creeps Me Out When It Thunders When the Sun is Shining

Sunshine and Thunder

Wait, what? This isn’t a true confessions moment? Or a “25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me” list on Facebook? Oh. Well. Whatever. It totally does creep me out, and it is totally happening right now. Maybe you can tell in the photo – creepy, cloudy, thunderstorm-threatening skies … and sun shining on the trees. Even weirder is the fact that I am at home by myself – kids playing at a neighbor’s house, husband at work, my assistant/dog pretending he’s asleep/dead upstairs.

And that weird “Lullaby” song by The Cure is playing on my iPod (the one with the lyrics "and there is nothing I can do when I realize with fright that the Spiderman is having me for dinner tonight.”)

So, ignore the fact it is 100 degrees in the middle of June, in the middle of the day, in Atlanta, and be creeped out with me, too, won’t you??

On a day like today (one where I am wondering my best escape route if, for example, there were a giant spider invasion a la Arachnophobia – thanks, Robert Smith) it is a wonder I get anything done, let alone get a huge news release for a spectacular event for an amazing client out the door – but I did. Check it out here.

Funny thing is, it never even rained.


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