How to Convince Children to Happily Clean Their Rooms

Twinkle Toes

When the girls are procrastinating –very often putting off cleaning their room – I advise them to find a way to make a boring task fun. This is how I found them, separately and without consulting one another, cleaning their rooms last week. Apparently, it is all about fancy footwork if you need a way to jazz (or tap, in Callie’s case) up the tedious task of keeping your abode neat, cozy, and completely free of a mom who is already getting testy about messy rooms.

A few housekeeping tasks of my own:

First, congratulations to Angela K. of Woodinville, Wash. for winning the Mayfield Lane Happeez treats. Hats off to Karin B. of Alpharetta, Ga. for most creative comment (if you theme your comment to “Give a Pig a Pancake," you totally get a shout-out.) Angela and Karin, you’ll both be receiving a little something that will hopefully help organizing your to-dos fun without having to resort to tap shoes or toe socks.

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Tell me, what do you do to make a tedious task totally terrific?

XO-Amy Mac

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Rebecka said...

love the article. So true!