Things I Wish I'd Written

Hello, friends. Perhaps you're here to read an actual blog post. Some advice on running a small business, a touch of PR wisdom, thoughts on writing.

That's not gonna happen. At least not today. I'm too busy juggling clients (not literally, I don't have the upper body strength) and keeping youngsters entertained and out of my hair (sometimes literally - who told kids it was fun to play in people's hair? Haven't they heard of tender scalps?)

So today's big contribution is the creation of a new feature on the Amy Mac Blog:

Things I Wish I'd Written (but I didn't.)

First up, a hilarious article in the Wall Street Journal about the BP disaster (I know, it is TOTALLY not funny - we always vacation in Destin, Fla., and on last report the oil was hitting the beach. I am so not amused, BP.) But this article about companies we hate and how to choose stocks based on such emotions tickled my funny bone.

This was sent to me by a friend from my tennis team because she could, and I quote, "sooooooooo see you writing something similar!"

So please, if you read something I will totally wish I'd written, send it to me so I can feature it here!

XO-Amy Mac