If Laughter Is the Best Medicine ...

Very smart people say laughter is the best medicine. Makes sense to me. I mean unless you're taking prescription meds. Or allergy meds during pollen season (aka, year-round). Definitely keep taking those. Anywho, I have gathered up a few posts that readers have told me gives them the giggles ... ya know, in case you forgot to take your Advil or something. Have a great weekend!

The Day My Tire Fell Off in Georgia

Why There Will Never Be a Song Called "I Woke Up in the Morning Feeling Like Amy Mac"


Possums in Georgia

That Time My Middle-School-Age Children Took the Bus to High School

Yes, There Is Such a Thing as a Bad Compliment

Mixing Drinks

Sharks Eat Kids from Church Retreats First

If You've Hot Glued Anything in the Name of Easter, Please Don't Read This Post

I May Be Related to Justin Timberlake

Closing the Generation Gap, One Odor at a Time

If the Saying Were "The Early Bird Gets Tory Burch Sandals" More People Would Wake Up Early

Google Search Gone Wrong

You Really Can't Take Us Anywhere

Southerners and Snow Days
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