Today, In Lieu of an Actual Post ...

For several days running my to-do list has featured the task "blog post."

I should tell you ... I have several posts already written out! Fantastic news! Sadly, they are in longhand (my preferred method of first draft on any writing.) Thus, they continue to await me blocking out a bit of time to key in said posts, find an accompanying photo, then edit the post until I'm cross-eyed and snappy because I forgot to eat because I can get a little picky when I'm writing. Also when I'm eating. So. There's that.

Therefore, today, in lieu of an actual post, I shall lull you into complacency with photos of my recent Halloween decorating frenzy! So there's this:

And also this:
Please be inspired to do a pinch of Halloween decorating your own self. (I mean go decorate your house, not decorate your own body. Unless that's your thing. If so, ... please go adorn yourself as you wish.) You can see more pics here (of decorations in my house. Not of decorated bodies. OMG, this is sounding more and more like a horror blog. DO NOT GO IN THE BASEMENT IF YOU HEAR A WEIRD NOISE AND THE LIGHTS ARE FLICKERING!!)

Until next time (which will probably be fairly soon, but I can't be completely sure. Meetings keep cropping up out of nowhere. Which is better than dead bodies cropping up out of nowhere. I have got to quit reading scary books and/or watching the news),


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