Report: Corgis of the World Grateful United Kingdom Shall Remain United

My sister and niece gave us this cute Corgi/Union Jack frame from Anthropologie, which of course is a perfect treat for us since we love us a Corgi. Ours are named Watson and Thatcher ... a tip of the hat to their British heritage. Because Queen Elizabeth also love her a Corgi. She has approximately 87 of them at all times.

Anywho, I propped our precious new household accoutrement on a side table in our family room so we could all point and say "awwww, look how CUTE!" in our very poor fake British accents. Which are really just Southern accents projected in a slightly higher-pitched, nasal tone. It works well for us; please hold all judgement.

Then we started noticing bizarre behavior from our pups (they are full-grown dogs, but still behave like wild, untamed puppies, so we treat them like they are loving yet willful toddlers. It works well for us; please hold all judgement.)

It started with Watson hopping up into the wingback chair adjacent to the end table hosting the Union Jack frame and getting his nose as close to the frame as possible without accidentally knocking it over. Sometimes he'd lie down in the chair and prop his little chin on the armrest so he could gaze at the picture in the frame. Lovingly.

Then Thatcher started doing the same thing. Loving gazes. Snuggling up to the frame. Occasionally reaching over for a teensy, tinesy kiss.

Which stoked the flames of jealousy. All the sudden it was like the Montagues and Capulets. It was all "back up away from my girlfriend's picture." It was all "she loves me more." It was all "I'd totally duel you with my giant sword but I don't have opposing thumbs, so I'll just settle on baring teeth and growling and such."

I'm not even kidding. Here, I have photos to prove it:
I mean, what?? First of all, the frame isn't even that big ... I'm stunned they even noticed it, because generally unless it makes a loud noise (the vacuum, the blender, the battery-operated toy helicopter my husband purchased to freak them out) they really aren't interested in the items in our house. And also, how did they make out that this is a female? I don't know much about dogs, but I'm assuming tiny reproduction drawings cannot be in heat? Or maybe it isn't a female, and our dogs are trying to tell us something. Which if they are, we want them to know we love and accept them just like they are, and will support them forever and always.

The bottom line is Corgis all over the world are relieved that last week Scotland voted it shall remain a part of the United Kingdom, otherwise crossing the border was going to become a total nightmare when zipping from their London digs to the Scottish countryside to frolic alongside the Queen and such.

Also, it keeps our dogs' dream alive that one day they shall be united with the object of their affection.(Of course our dogs are terrified of even taking a short car ride, so I'm not sure transcontinental flight is in their future.)

Writing this post reminds me I've not been to Anthropologie in forever, so I think I'll dash and do just that ... right after I tell the dogs again to use their best manners while they work through their jealousy issues.

Happy Weekend!

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