Fear Not

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I think (heavens, I hope) we've all heard the quote "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself" from President Franklin Roosevelt's inaugural address.

And I'm sure at some point I've read further into the quote (heavens, I hope.) But I can only hold so much useless knowledge in my head, and so the rest of the quote had escaped me virtually unnoticed. Until this week.

I ran across the lengthier quote while flipping through a book, and the words "convert retreat into advance" hopped off the page. Because every now and then, who couldn't use a little reminder that retreating in the face of some usually unfounded fear is almost never a satisfactory solution?

Sure, lots of times it's easier to shrink back, say you didn't really want that anyways, call in sick or claim ignorance than it is to sit with the discomfort of making a change.

But observing a situation that makes you anxious and choosing to "convert retreat into advance," will most often open doors to opportunities you wouldn't have noticed until you looked your fear in the face and declared "forward march."

Here's to facing fears and embracing new opportunities ...

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