I Once Was Lost, But Now Am Found

A recent conversation at my house during the breakfast hour:

Me: "Hello? Anybody here?"

(Sound of crickets.)

Me: "Heyyyyyy! Where did everyone go? Hadley? HADLEY?!!!"

Hadley: "Are you calling me?"

Me: "Oh, thank goodness! Is Callie still here too??"

Hadley: "Um, as far as I know ... yeah, I think I hear her drying her hair."

Me: "Whew. Because I was scared for a minute there."

Hadley: "Scared of what?"

Me: "That the actual rapture happened and I had been left behind! I was terrified there was a clerical error resulting in me being left on earth to deal with the headless horsemen and such, because WHY ELSE WOULD YOU LEAVE YOUR BREAKFAST DISHES ON THE TABLE LITERALLY MID-BITE? It makes no sense from a responsible, smart and loving girl like you. Also, there's that random sock on the chair right there. I thought your socks were literally knocked off your feet during the process. You have to agree, all physical indicators point toward the rapture." 

Hadley: "OMG. Sorry, I'll clear my dishes. You didn't have to bring Jesus into it."

Me: "Well, I thought about alien abduction, too, but I figured there would at least be some green goo on the chair or something if aliens had been in the kitchen." 

Are there any teens on earth that pick up after themselves without threats of the apocalypse? Please advise.

Hope y'all have a great weekend! XO --
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