Back to Work: A New Series

As a work-from-home-mother-in-marketing-and-PR-writing (that's the title on my business card ... not really), I get lots of questions from friends and colleagues:

~How can I land some good press for my business? 
~How can I drive more traffic to my website? 
~Is my grammar correct on this email (no really, got all of those in the last month)?

But over the last year or so I've noticed a significant upward trend in questions about heading back to work after a long break raising kids. Or totally switching careers ... like going from being a health care provider to opening a design business. Or how to launch a successful online shop on a shoestring budget when they've never worked a day of retail in their lives.

Which suggests lots of folks are ready to make that leap back into the workforce, but need a little technical know-how (and boost of confidence) to make it happen. They want to know how to fill in the voids in their resumes, how to network after years of being off the career track, and how to balance it all once they land their perfect job.

Y'all, I am here to help.

Not that I'm the expert by any stretch, but between what I've learned from launching my business (and trust me, there have been some learning experiences) and helping other women craft their personal brands (with resumes, bios, positioning them as experts in their fields and the like), I have amassed some information that anyone looking for a change in their current career situation might find helpful.

So here's the plan: I'm compiling all that information into a blog series about what I've learned about jumping back into the workforce. I'll also provide professional advice on how to develop the tools you need -- your resume, a bio, a presence on social media -- so you're armed and ready well before your first interview.

I'll post to this series at least once a week. I won't put a timeframe on it (like "10-week series!") because I'd much rather break this into manageable, actionable chunks. Personally, if I am overwhelmed with information I tend to slam my laptop shut and seek out a Vogue magazine and glass of wine, so let's take this nice and easy with bits of information each week for as long as it takes.

First up, we'll devise a plan of attack: determining your unique set of skills, your personal passion, and how to mesh those attributes so your work works for you and your family, too.

If you're the helpful type (and I know you are), it would be amazing if you could:
  • Email me any questions you have related to this series
  • Subscribe to the Amy Mac blog (if you haven't already) so you never miss a post. You can do that here
  • Forward this to anyone you know who might benefit from this series ... someone considering heading back to work, making a career change, or launching a little side speaking career or such. 

You, as always, my dear readers, are the best. Thanks for sticking around!

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