Six Things You Need To Work -- Wherever

Working from home is wonderful, no doubt about it. As I'm typing this post, I'm in sweats, no makeup, hair slicked back in a ponytail. (Lovely visual, yes?)

However, working from home is full of temptation. The temptation to wander upstairs for another cup of coffee, to fold a load of laundry, or to clean off the DVR (which is hovering close to 100 percent capacity because I'm so behind on Mad Men. Nothing weighs the mind like a DVR desperately needing to be cleaned off. I'm just trying to be efficient here, people.)

Most of the time I ignore Jon Hamm like I ignore emails urging me to send credit card information to support a man named Umbzbhatwie in his endeavor to support his family of 12 in Kathmandu. (He has a PayPal account. How convenient.) But those days when the coffee and Johnny-boy are screeching too loudly, I hit the road. With my home office distractions gone, I can pound out quite a bit of work out in just a couple of hours.

Here are the six items everyone needs to work anywhere --- whether you're catching up on volunteer emails or writing a proposal for a huge project:

A Laptop with a Charged Battery. We have two laptops: my official work laptop, which is a PC, and our home laptop, which is an Apple (MacBook Pro -- love it.) I grab whichever has more battery life, but if you're on the road a lot, consider buying an additional battery so you're ready to go anytime. Keep in mind if you are switching between PC & Apple, you'll need software so you can pull up any document without worrying about file conversion.

A Dropbox Account. This allows me to access all of my documents from anywhere as long as I have a wireless connection. Best thing is it's free. Learn more here.

Evernote. My new favorite software is downloaded to my iPhone and all my computers. Evernote allows you to take pictures, upload documents, send emails to your Evernote, make to-do lists, clip web pages and plop it all in one spot where it automatically syncs with all your technology. It's free, too. Learn more here.

IPhone. Say what you want about the Blackberry, I had one for years and liked it, too. I like the iPhone much better. Superior web browsing, better camera, my fave tunes are available and having Siri around gives me someone else to baffle by saying "y'all."

Earphones. On that note, keep a set of earphones around to plug into your iPhone to avoid chatting if you're focusing (which you are, right? Otherwise just go home and do your laundry.) Just make sure they are plugged in. Ahem.

A Notebook, Pen and Tabs. I know some of you are all tech, all the way. I still do best when I sketch story ideas, outlines and to-do lists on paper. I keep it all in a leather-bound journal notebook, with little tabs so my ideas stay sorta organized and I don't find an awesome article idea I had circa 2006 which doesn't translate six years later.

So, those are the things which stay packed in my work bag ready to flee the premises when Jon Hamm just WILL. NOT. LEAVE. ME. ALONE. Go away Jon. It's not gonna happen. I gotta wash my hair.

Tell me: what are your must-haves for working when you're away from your office?

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