Gray versus Grey

January Skies
As long as the skies are anything but blue, let's take the opportunity to clear up a little spelling confusion with this edition of

Amy Mac's Wonderful World of Writing

Gray versus Grey: which spelling is correct?

Depends on where you live. According to the AP Stylebook, a reference book produced by the Associated Press used by journalism professors everywhere to give students eye twitches (hi, Dr. Morrow!) and as the writing bible for folks writing for newspapers and magazines ....

GRAY is the correct spelling (unless you're talking about greyhounds).

However, for those outside the United States, GREY is the more popular spelling.

So for Americans -- Red, White, Blue and GrAy is A-Okay (see how I did that?)

Happy Writing!!

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amy mac said...

this means i've been the only one right for years. i'm glad i never caved. thank you!