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Editor's Note: I asked my intern/niece to write a post explaining StumbleUpon to all you fine Amy Mac readers, with the intent of editing and posting as my own. Then she sent me the copy you'll find below, and I figured who am I to mess with this sort of genius? Incidentally, she found instructions to the above tie-dye cupcake via StumbleUpon, and has spent several hours this weekend baking them with the girls. Mallory is looking for a full-time job in public relations, so if you know of anything out there, please let  her know. However, be considerate, as at this house, we will all go into a state of mourning when she leaves. 
XO-Amy Mac

Remember when I said my niece is in charge of building my social media accounts?  Well, she’s got Amy Mac “stumbling.”  And it’s not a result of a lack of coordination or an increased blood alcohol level.  It’s StumbleUpon!

StumbleUpon is a fun discovery engine that recommends websites and blogs based on each user’s personal interests.  Just sign up, pick the topics that pique your interest and start “stumbling.”  You’ll discover great blogs, pictures and web pages recommended by other “stumblers” with common interests. 

Now here is how StumbleUpon, and YOU, can help Amy Mac.  Note the fancy new green and blue badge at the end of each Amy Mac post.  Go ahead, click it!  (If you subscribe in a feed, you may need click through to When you do, you recommend that post to over 15 million StumbleUpon users.  Just pick a topic, write an optional review and give the post a “thumbs up” to allow stumblers the chance to discover the Amy Mac blog.  Easy, right?!

So share the Amy Mac love and start stumbling (martini and scraped knees optional).

image courtesy of Carbon Magazine via StumbleUpon

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