Candace Bushnell is my New BFF

Candace and Amy Mac - BFFs
So Candace Bushnell  (author of Sex and the City, and more recently the prequel Summer and the City: A Carrie Diaries Novel) is following  me on Twitter. As you can see, I am only one of 27 people she's following, thus elevating me to status of Bestie.

In reality, CB probably has an adorable 20-something, Prada-clad assistant who got a little click-happy after a few cocktails. Whatever.

I know y'all don't want to seem out-of-touch, so you should probably follow me on Twitter, too. And follow Candace, too. (But don't tell her I sent you. I am afraid I am going to scare her.)
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Strategic Volunteering Guru said...

Shut. The. Front. Door!

Anonymous said...

Amy, that is so awesome! You are such a funny girl, I am not at all surprised -- KS