Oh, The Places You'll Go! (Or, The Places That You've Been!)

summers in france

Y'all, it has been a busy month. First, I led a seminar on writing effective bios for a group of women enrolled in Women in Technology's Executive Readiness program. These impressive women have successful careers with companies like The Coca-Cola Company, Turner Broadcasting, McKesson and AutoTrader.com and needed to create a 150-word synopsis of their fabulousness. My number one free tip for creating amazing bios: put your eye-catching accomplishments first. Your bio shouldn't be a chronological repeat of your resume. This is one case where saving the best for last isn't a good strategy, so don't make your reader dig for the good stuff. 

Then I did my gig as a monthly humor columnist for Atlanta's Northside Woman magazine. I'll post that here soon.

Next up, my writing was featured in SMARTS magazine, a website and blog for know-it-alls. No really, that's what it says right on their website. I have a sign hanging in my office that says "I'm not bossy, I just have better ideas," therefore, I think their tagline is genius.

I was also featured (actually, the contents of my purse were featured - I have a long-standing penchant for purchasing purses) on Petitelephant.com -- another very fun blog and website full of great information.

There's been a little travel worked into the schedule, too, namely to my niece's graduation from the University of Tennessee. More on that later...

Now, a couple of notes: did you know I do seminars for groups up to 12 on marketing, social media, writing for business, publicity for small businesses and personal branding? Yup, sure do. This is ideal for folks who prefer a little DIY over spending bigger bucks for hourly consulting. Let me know if you'd like more info. And don't stress if you aren't in Atlanta, we can set up a webinar.  I love technology.

Also, catch up with me on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, where I post lots of free writing tips, free publicity tips and free social media tips!

Stay tuned -- posting more soon ...

XO-Amy Mac

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