If you need inspiration, take a meeting with Don Draper

As a writer, my occupation requires giant chunks of time without interruption. The result: long days where I might have zero social interaction with anyone besides my kids. 

The problem with this solitary plan (for anyone who works from home) is creative inspiration isn't flowing if you aren't out there, in the world, exchanging ideas, making connections, learning. 

That's why I try to meet with the likes of this future Don Draper {really with his mom} at least once a week. 

What do you do for creative inspiration? To keep creativity flowing? 

Amy Mac


Strategic Volunteering Guru said...

He had plenty of input on our meeting discussion - we just couldn't understand it! :)

Strategic Volunteering Guru said...
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Amy Mac said...

You gotta give him credit - 1.5 hrs, and zero fussing. Heck, I fussed more than he did ... and he did an awesome job eating toast.