Reference Materials Every Writer Needs

On Every Writer's Desk

There are a few reference books every writer - from a student to a professional - should keep on their desk. Mine were outdated, old, and in some cases not user friendly (my dictionary/thesaurus combo is in a font so tiny I developed a serious eye twitch during each and every deadline.)

Earlier this week I took advantage of the very unfortunate closing of my local Borders book store and snatched up a new Webster's Dictionary, Roget's Thesaurus and AP Stylebook at a significant discount. Yay, me (well, sorta. I am very distressed the Borders is closing. So, boo.)

If you don't have a dictionary and thesaurus circa 2010 minimum, it's time to replace. While you don't need an AP Stylebook unless you are writing for a newspaper or writing news releases, do grab a copy of The Elements of Style by Strunk and White. It will answer all those little grammar, punctuation and writing questions you have when you're writing and do not want to sound daft (I love using words I learned from Harry Potter.)

So, while you're zipping around this weekend, pop into the bookstore and grab these reference materials. You'll feel like a total smarty pants, in a good kinda way.

Happy weekend! XoXo-Amy Mac


Amy Mac said...

Posting for a friend -

Great blog!

Where is the closest Borders to us? I need books!!

Amy Mac said...

HSR-I went to the one at John's Creek on 141 and McGinnis Ferry - so sad they are closing!

Anonymous said...

Funny that you wrote this. When school started last year I bought a new thesaurus and dictionary. I was frustrated at trying to read the ones I had left over from college. My eyes are getting so poor, I couldn't read the small print. Sign of the times, or my age...