Can You Give This Cute Purse A Good Home? Spring Purse Giveaway!

Amy Mac Purse Giveaway

See that super-cute purse? It's just waiting to move into your closet to put a little zing in your Spring wardrobe. All ya gotta do is subscribe to the Amy Mac blog via e-mail (which I've included a handy link below - and it's always on the blog, too.)

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Or, you can follow on Google - that link is over on the right side of the blog, as indicated by the photo I did in lieu of figuring out how to post the html code directly to this post. I tried, people, I tried.

Google Followers Unite

Here's the trick: You MUST be a subscriber via e-mail or via Google Follower. None of this feed stuff, because then I can't find ya. And, ya gotta join up by MARCH 17 to be entered. If you are already an email subscriber or a Google Follower, you're already entered - although if you aren't on both lists, why not go ahead and do that so you have TWO chances to win? 

Now, play nice and forward this to your friends (post on Facebook, etc.) so they have a chance to win, too!

XOXO-Amy Mac

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