Cameras and Christmastime

Seeing Red at the Holidays

Let this photo collage be a lesson: when you actually take the time to learn how to use your camera, in conjuction with a fun photo editor like Picasa, well ... I'm due at my hair salon in 55 minutes and am yet to shower. Just an FYI.

However, wanted to send a quick note to find out: what are your favorite blogs? Web sites? I love to peruse blogs on Saturday mornings in the winter while toasting my toes by the fire (because that is waaaay more delightful than, say, dusting my baseboards).

I'll post my favorite blogs here soon! In the meantime, better go have the lovely Jenna return my hair to its completely natural color. Ahem.

XO- Amy Mac

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Karin Bilderback said...

A friend of mine from college, a journalism major, just started a blog: