An Apple A Day

apple a day

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, we must start eating more of these apples. Two (out of two) children have strep throat, and I have a cold, so today the girls and I had an official sick day. We spent it making chicken noodle soup and smoothies … and I tried to figure out some of the bells and whistles on our snazzy camera that I have no idea how to use.

Sadly, I may have permanently set our camera to take five quick pictures – with flash - right in a row every single time you take a picture. Which is alarming when under the influence of cold medication.

Anywho, is going to really appreciate all of you who commented with your favorite book since I’ll be downloading many of your suggestions right to my Kindle. Karen B. – you might consider asking for a Kindle from Santa this year …. then you can use your $25 gift certificate to download a few new books, too. Either way, congrats!

XO – Amy Mac

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Karin Bilderback said...

Yippie! Thanks! I'm torn about the Kindle though...just something about holding a book and turning the page...