The Good Egg

Good Egg
One of my first post-college jobs was at a public relations and advertising agency in Cincinnati, and I was lucky enough that the woman who hired me was (and still is) one of the best in the business. She taught me more about writing, client relations and creating the “wow” factor for every public relations campaign than any of my college courses … but she also taught me how adding the special touch to the little things can make everything you do memorable. And when it comes to public relations, advertising, branding and writing – being memorable is a key to success.

For example, my husband and I were married a few months after I started working with Gail. She gave us a lovely Williams-Sonoma egg skillet for which we had registered and added the note “For two good eggs on their happy day!” Almost fifteen years later, I still remember that message (and made eggs on that very skillet this morning!)

I still draw on the things Gail taught me all those years ago – the measurable ones (like spell check doesn’t catch all your mistakes, but cultivating an excellent eye for proofing will) and the slightly more nebulous, but equally important (like how being especially sweet to coworkers attempting to undermine you befuddles them, but often makes them putty in your capable hands.)

So, two questions: who’s the person who taught you more than any professor in a lecture hall?

And, what are you doing today to make your product or service memorable?

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