I Am Pleased To Announce....

That I completely finished my Christmas decorating since we last talked. Do you like what I've done with my tree?

Obviously I am completely kidding, as evidenced by Martha's moniker at the bottom of the above photo! However, I did get lots of comments from folks who subscribe to my blog ... and therefore respond via email instead of on the comments box. (Not a subscriber? Look on the right-hand side of the page for the "subscribe" button and sign up today!)

I thought you'd enjoy some of the responses I've received ...

Girl, If I could get over this disastrous stomach virus, I would finish putting up all the decorations in the boxes that my lovely 3 year old has opened, looking for his presents from Santa. Ugh!

I actually have completed all decorating except for the tree - which we will get this weekend. Settle down though, you really can't be considered behind the curve b/f December even arrives!!

I dug the Christmas cards out of the closet......I think that can be considered not even started yet!

We never seem to find time to decorate until the last minute, which is why we always have a last minute party!

This year we are hosting a baby shower on dec 13th, so I guess we have to get cracking!

I have done quite a bit of shopping and wrapping, but I am nowhere near done though.

I figure the people who decorate this early (and this includes the people who send me a Christmas card thanksgiving week) either make Christmas the number one priority in their lives (which I don’t have time or the inclination to do) or they have nothing else to do.

I don’t work, but I have a ton of crap to do-running coach, tennis captain, room mom, football practice taxi, etc!!!!

Hope that all makes you feel better-we aren’t slackers-we have real stuff to do!

Whew - I'm glad there are others out there! XO, my good friends! (and feel better soon, Kel!) Amy Mac

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