Hey, How Did That Christmas Tree Get In My Living Room?

Today is officially the last day I'll use my "Up 'n' Autumn" coffee cup. I know winter doesn't officially begin until later in December, but once I've turned the November page in my calendar I have to officially get out the Christmas coffee cup. Which should be a challenge, since the festive cup is packed in one of the giant, semi-unpacked bins of assorted Christmas decor in my living room.

Incidentally, I find people posting "my holiday decorating is complete!" on their Facebook status very upsetting. Discovering only four out of 50 lights on my string of lights actually light up is as far as I've gotten in this year's decorating, and the constant reminder that I'm behind the curve and it's only Nov. 30 is ... overwhelming!

Just thought you'd like to know - xo, Amy Mac

PS - Where are you with your holiday to-do list? Done shopping and decorating and just sitting by the fire enjoying hot cocoa, or not even started yet? Please, please - someone respond not even started yet!

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Anonymous said...

NOT YET STARTED HERE AMY! I'm in your boat!