Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Here’s a question: why is it I have my best ideas when I am nowhere near a pen, piece of paper, computer or voice recorder? Additional question: why is my short-term memory so bad I often cannot remember a thought I had 12 seconds ago?

Let’s first address question number one.

If I didn’t have to drive places (although I should point out I took this lovely photo of a double rainbow in the North Georgia mountains while I was driving. Shh.), go to meetings or shower I swear to you I could have fleshed out a few excellent ideas for what I am certain would be New York Times bestselling books, written a strategic plan for world peace, figured out who invented pantyhose and high heels and punished him for it, and developed a way to get the H1N1 vaccine out before everyone actually develops H1N1.

I would also have more fully developed a plan to ensure Jon, Kate and all their kids would never again see the bright lights of television cameras. But I digress.

I am only mentioning this issue because I have approximately one zillion excellent ideas for this blog when I cannot capture the thought. Then when I actually have a chunk of time to write, I’ve got nothing.

Nothing that I can remember, at least.

So I implore you, my faithful readers, send me your ideas. Send me your questions, your thoughts, an idea, a link … whatever, and I’ll write about it.

It seems like there was something else I was going to address, but now I can’t remember what it is.

Xo-Amy Mac

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