Amy Mac, Published Author

Perhaps “published author” is a tiny stretch, as my at-home mom success story was simply included in Peter Bowerman’s recent reissue of his popular The Well-Fed Writer book (which updates and combines the content of both his original Well-Fed Writer titles). But nevertheless, right there on page 317 is my name in bright lights – shining like a huge Broadway sign. Okay, so it’s just my name in bold print but I am still extremely happy about this little turn of events.

It was Peter’s book that convinced me I should launch my business a few years back. Until then I was working under a few (wrong) assumptions:

First, I thought since I didn’t have the professional networks in Atlanta I did when we lived in Cincinnati and Memphis, it would be impossible to launch a successful business. (Sadly, the only networks I developed – or needed - in Wisconsin were ones with the LL Bean Extremely Heavy Winter Wear department). Turns out, I’d developed all the networks I needed through various activities, volunteer positions and friendships I’d cultivated.

Second, I was worried about the extra-large (about five year) gap in my resume. While it’s true being a mom can create a certain “foggy” feeling in the brain, I had not sustained an actual head injury - and had not lost all my writing and marketing knowledge. Fact is, if you are good at what you’re doing most people don’t really care if you’ve taken a break to facilitate nap schedules, potty train toddlers, and provide transportation to the park and the pediatrician (roughly in that order.)

Third, I was concerned about maintaining a professional façade when the reality was loud children, barking dogs, and frequent (yet amusing) household catastrophes. Turns out some well-designed business cards on thick card stock, wi-fi, and liberal use of the mute button took care of those concerns.

Really though, it was Peter’s book that put it all in perspective for me. Part business primer, part pep-talk, it was just the push I needed to start the business that I am still surprised I didn’t start sooner (because I really enjoy it that much! Really!)

So a question: what little things that are holding you back that really don’t amount to a hill of beans … and should they really be holding you back?

So, Peter – congratulations on your newest title, thanks for letting me be a small part of it – but mostly, thanks for reminding me (and lots of other commercial freelance writers) most of the obstacles are just in our head – and easily overcome .

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