Taking Stock

The first day of the last month of the year seems like a good day to review goals accomplished for 2008, the ones pushed to the backburner, and the ones that just didn’t get done.

So my question of the day is: of the goals not accomplished, why not?

As I take a look at the things I wanted to accomplish this year, the ones that didn’t happen fall into one of three categories:

1. I didn’t give it a high-priority time slot in my chocked-full calendar. If I don’t schedule something, in stone, and block out a time where I know I’ll be firing on all cylinders (which generally requires a high-protein snack and a bottled water, if you’re interested) then my efforts will never gain enough momentum to come to fruition as a completed goal.

2. I doubt my ability to make it happen. Generally not a problem as I am just deluded enough to believe I can accomplish most things (or recruit someone who can to help me), but if there are obstacles that I cannot figure my way around, and I can come up with 8 zillion reasons to procrastinate, or just scratch the goal off my list.

3. It wasn’t really my goal. Sometimes I talk myself into thinking I want something, when deep down, I really don’t. At least not right now. There’s definitely an art to knowing that sometimes the things you want just are not possible that minute, and trusting that it will come in the right time.

As I review my 2008, I have lots of accomplishments for which to be thankful. I’ve accomplished much more than I thought possible (web site launched, this blog having lots of readers – thank you!, getting a few articles published). For those goals on my list that didn’t happen (sending a direct mail piece to potential clients, cleaning and organizing the hazardous waste dump known as my storage room), I’ll be taking a hard look at whether they are worthy of carry-over as 2009 goals. And if they are, what I need to do differently in the coming months to make them happen.

I encourage you to take an hour or two from your crazy holiday schedule to assess your ’08, both professionally and personally – so your happy work and the good life intersect in 2009!

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