The Difficulties of Being Non-Technical

In the past few weeks, I’ve had several technology issues that have stacked up like a pile of unread newspapers, and it’s starting to get to me. I wonder if at high schools and universities around the world they’ve made it a prerequisite to take some sort of basic computer skills class – like how to download spyware, uninstall cookies and download pictures from your mobile phone to your computer. I’m just saying.

The smaller tasks, like converting my e-mail address book after Comcast lost it during a server transition was just a little annoyance. Sprint PCS knocking my calendar offline after my Blackberry went kaput – well, it’s still not resolved, but we’re working on it.

The one that’s most important right now is the fact that Blogger has some weird formatting thing going on which results in a few different situations: first, sometimes my paragraphs are not separated by spaces like they are in my original drafts. Sometimes my pictures appear where I want them, and sometimes they do not. Last, sometimes words get “split” around a picture and it just looks strange.

Maybe none of these things bother you when you read my blog. They bother me a lot. I should also tell you I cannot send my husband to the grocery store if I have accidentally misspelled a word on the list until I have scratched it out and corrected the spelling. Strange, I know, but it is a fact.

So while these technical difficulties are not as bad as, say, mechanical difficulties reported by the pilot of an airplane upon which you are flying cross-country, I am doing my best to work with the Blogger folks to get them corrected.

In the meantime, your patience in overlooking weird spacing and lack of hyphenation is much appreciated!

Amy Mac

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