Feeling Homicidal? Have Some Chicken Noodle Soup!

Hello friends,

Two things for your consideration: first, today I made chicken noodle soup for a friend who is ill. I wanted her to be able to see what ingredients are in the soup, so I made her this handy-dandy Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe Card and thought perhaps you need a yummy chicken noodle soup recipe on a cute card. Then I thought "but it's July, no one wants soup in July! I'll wait until October or January and post it then." Then I decided who was I kidding -- I'd totally forget I had even designed this little card at that point and then I would sorta remember I had indeed written down my recipe for chicken noodle soup somewhere, and WHERE WAS IT, and when all else fails I'll check to see if I posted it on my blog and BOOM. Here it will be. So, please tuck this recipe back for when you need to feed sick people soup or for when it's cold and you need to feed yourself soup. Or if you want to make it and bring it to me anytime, that will do too -- I'll eat piping hot soup any time of the year, especially if I don't have to make it.

Next, if I ever murder someone (which I won't, because not only am I aggressively non-violent, but also murder seems like it would be super messy. And icky. Also, jail seems less than ideal.) ... but if I ever DO murder someone, it will be a teenager who has just said "there is NOTHINGGGGG TO EAT IN THIS HOUSE" within 4 hours of someone restocking the pantry with a carload of groceries. Seriously.

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