Netflix, No Chill

The above shows are all in my Netflix queue. They are all worth a look-see if you haven't already. Also, The Office is on a very strong repeat loop but I'm assuming you've already watched and re-watched that one?!

Y'all, I have been aggressively watching The West Wing on Netflix. I love rediscovering shows and watching them back-to-back at an alarming clip. (I'm pretty sure this new habit will give me some difficulties when the fall TV season starts and I have to wait an entire week for the next episode, but whateves.) For the last few weeks my husband has really had a difficult time understanding why I "would watch 10-year-old shows when the Olympics are on." To which I reply "um, I already know what happens ... you know the Olympics aren't live, right?"

I'm pleased to say with the exception of boxy pant suits for the ladies, some hysterically out-of-date technology in the form of very chunky cell phones, and the prolific use of the phrase "I'll have my pager," the show stands the test of time quite well. Almost as well as Rob Lowe, who hasn't changed since he was Soda Pop in The Outsiders circa 1983.

                    1983                                                    2016

All the actors are great, but Martin Sheen nails the role of President Bartlett. And Aaron Sorkin's writing and storytelling is a masterpiece in every episode. Political inclinations aside, I wonder if they could work together to be the next president? I think it could be a viable alternative to the current situation. No? Maybe?

I'm always looking for something fun to watch, so tell me ... what are your favorite shows?
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محمد الخطيب said...
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Rachel Ramshaw said...

You definitely need to check out "The Office" on Netflix, if you haven't already. Out of the many many many shows I've watched it is by far my favorite!!!!